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Represents the state of cbreak mode, i.e. the state of line buffering and erase/kill character processing.

Namespace:  CursesSharp
Assembly:  CursesSharp (in CursesSharp.dll) Version: (


public static bool CBreakMode { set; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Shared WriteOnly Property CBreakMode As Boolean
Visual C++
static property bool CBreakMode {
	void set (bool value);

Field Value

Places the terminal into or out of cbreak mode.


If the value is set to true, then line buffering and erase/kill character processing is disabled, making characters typed by the user immediately available to the program. If the value is set to false, then the terminal is put into normal (cooked) mode.

Initially the terminal may or may not be in cbreak mode; therefore, a program should enable or disable this mode explicitly.

Equivalent to curses cbreak/nocbreak functions.

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