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Represents the state of user's terminal keypad.

Namespace:  CursesSharp
Assembly:  CursesSharp (in CursesSharp.dll) Version: (


public bool Keypad { set; }
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public WriteOnly Property Keypad As Boolean
Visual C++
property bool Keypad {
	void set (bool value);


If enabled (set to true), the user can press a function key (such as an arrow key) and GetChar()()() returns a single value representing the function key, as in LEFT.

If disabled (set to false), curses does not treat function keys specially and the program has to interpret escape sequences itself.

If the keypad in the terminal can be turned on (made do transmit) and off (made to work locally), turning on this option causes keypad to be turned on when GetChar()()() in called.

The default value for this option is false.

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