Installing Curses Sharp on Linux

This page contains instructions for building Curses Sharp in Unix-like systems. The build process has been tested in Ubuntu 9.04 and FreeBSD 7.2.

0. Prerequisites

1. Getting Curses Sharp

There are two ways to get the source code:

The following section describes the former case. If you downloaded the source code package, extract it and you may skip to step 4.

2. SVN checkout

Execute the following command:

svn checkout curses-sharp

You may substitute the final curses-sharp for any other directory of your liking.

3. Bootstrapping

In order to proceed with the build, you will have to create the configure script. Cd into the directory containing Curses Sharp sources and execute the following command:

autoreconf -i

4. Configure

In the top source directory execute the command:


By default Curses Sharp is installed in /usr/local. To change the target directory, you need to call:

./configure --prefix=target_directory

You can also use other options. For a complete list execute:

./configure --help

5. Make

After you executed configure, run (in the same directory):


To compile the source code.

6. Installation

Execute the command:

make install

This will install Curses Sharp. Make sure you have appropriate privileges.

7. Testing

By default Curses Sharp will install a few demonstration programs. At this time, these are: FireworkDemo and RainDemo. You can try running the demos to check if Curses Sharp works.